The Cast & Crew

Casting the film was a challenge: where do you find a saint? The title role needed to be someone who represents the unsung worker. Lucia Vega was perfect for the role. A tiny woman, she does not initially command attention – yet she has a quiet depth and dignity that comes across in her bearing and in her actions. Born in Peru, Lucia is the cofounder of Palmetto Luna, the first Latino Acting Company in Columbia, South Carolina.

Casting the people Dee Dee cares for was also very important. Each patient in the hospice had a life before they came there, and each brings a different set of needs and challenges for Dee Dee. The supporting cast ranges in age from four years to ninety-two, and they bring a rich diversity of backgrounds to the film. Before retiring, John Ward was a forensic pathologist, Odile Postic taught French and Spanish at a community college, Leslie Smith was a New York Police Officer, Louise Vauldin was a professional fashion model, Harold Reynolds was a naval commander and later a men's clothier and Ron Edge is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of South Carolina. Ric Montgomery was a security guard whose mother worked for twenty years as a nurse's aide at C. M. Tucker, the facility where the film was shot. The youngest cast member, Clare Roberson, is currently enrolled in kindergarten at St. Joseph's School.

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The Cast

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